Sea of Goodwill Whitepaper

Release of the Sea of Goodwill White Paper:  Building the Bridge to Help Veterans & Their Families Creating and sustaining a long-term solution for better transitional support of veterans and their families as they return to civilian life requires participation and support of organizations and government at both the national and local levels.  Authored by Colonel David W. Sutherland, USA and Major John W. Copeland, USA, the Sea of Goodwill: Matching the Donor to the Need white paper seeks to foster this discussion. The white paper focuses on three key elements in helping veterans and their families reintegrate into civilian society: education, access to health care for life, and employment. While these needs are simple, delivering the right service at the right time and place across more than 400,000 estimated service organizations is more complex. Read the white paper.  Share it with your friends.  Tell us what you think. To read the full Sea of Goodwill: Matching the Donor to the Need, click here to get the PDF.

Sea Of Goodwill Whitepaper